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This website relates to the first 30 years before Gwebi College diversified away from the traditional two year diploma course when Gwebi College of Agriculture Diploma Day 1955 with Prime Minister and Mrs Garfield Todd, Lord and Lady Acton, Dr and Mrs Fielding and Dux Student J C Browningstudents enrolled after completing one season on a farm. Contact amongst past students was maintained through the Old Gwebian Association for many years. However, the commercial farming community was decimated during the process of resettlement then farm invasions followed.

This website holds records of students that graduated and received awards. The list of 'Students' is being added to, as is the list of former 'Staff' members. The 'Principals' are described. At one time or another many farms were on the frontline during the Rhodesian Bush War and some were on constant alert. More than 300 farmers and their families perished on their farms or while on active service. Old Gwebians are honoured in the 'Roll of Honour'. Farmers were targetted after the formation of Zimbabwe and tribute is paid to Old Gwebians that were subsequently killed.Gwebi College of Agriculture Course 14 on tour groundnut crop

Lifelong friendships were forged at the College. However with the dispersal of the commercial farming community, contacts were lost - virtually overnight. A network that was started by Colin Lowe amongst his Course 16 colleagues has grown progressively. Much of the content on this website comes from that ongoing correspondence which reaches 80 former students and staff. Steve Bennett, lecturer 1973-1978, designed this site and powers it. Anecdotes from Old Gwebians are documented in 'News'. This is growing with new stories coming in so that it spreads over many chapters.
There are many gaps in these pages so if anyone would like to make their own contributions or corrections, please send an email using the 'Contact' page. Students from Course 1 graduated more than 70 years ago so their treasured memories need to be captured on these pages before they are lost forever.
Unless credited otherwise, text on this website has either been compiled by Steve Bennett or Colin Lowe.

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